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Trainsong Neighborhood Association

Page history last edited by Nicole Sharette 13 years, 7 months ago


Welcome to the new site for Trainsong Neighbors

This site is a collaborative, working space that will provide you with information about what is happening in our neighborhood.


Brought to you by the Trainsong Neighbors Executive Committee.

Please contact us at trainsong.association@gmail.com


Contact Liz Lohrke at liz.lohrke@gmail.com with questions or concerns about this site.


Also check out our facebook at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100000745936585








Trainsong is the current Pilot site for the  Neighborhood Services program, SNAP, thanks to our "outstanding "application, GOOD WORK LEADERS!


Keep and eye out for news on pending grant applications for new programs and more events!



Comments (7)

Nicole Sharette said

at 5:04 pm on Mar 8, 2010

you have my support! i would love to have an online workstation! -Nicole Sharette, President Trainsong, NA

Jesse Lohrke said

at 9:51 pm on Mar 8, 2010

HorseShoe Pit Petition Up at the Park

Today Liz and I hung a petition on the reader board at the park. It asks people to sign if they are interested in getting a horseshoe pit put in. It also asks if they are able to help with the work. Charlie, one of our residents, is very interested in the pit. Like he said, it is an activity for adults. It is one more thing to bring our community together in the park. So, I encourage everyone to sign the petition.

Nicole Sharette said

at 9:21 am on Mar 9, 2010

I could talk to Rene but it seems like adopting the park would make this horseshoe thing more likely. I think we should put it on the agenda for April Exec meeting, I will get in touch with her and see if she can attend or at least write a response to that question and any others about that park adoption.

Tom Musselwhite said

at 11:15 am on Mar 13, 2010

Check out todays R/G front page. "City must pay after losing labor dispute". Neighborhood Services could end up as in the past, expendable. I like the Park Adoption in concept, but the issues are not all obvious. i.e. city, budget, unions, health care, housing, state, feds, timber harvest, river restoration, salmon, education . . . on and on . . . . the question is what do we want TS to look and feel like? One of my better neighbors may loose her home because of the cost of her health insurance.

Tom Musselwhite said

at 11:25 am on Mar 13, 2010

I was commenting on the "Destination Neighborhood" thread when it suddenly disapeared, what's up?

Liz Lohrke said

at 5:44 pm on Mar 14, 2010

Will rotate page links on this front page. When new minutes or agendas get posted it will make them that much easier to find. Can also use navigator along the right column if the page you need is posted in a folder. The goal is to keep minutes and agendas in their own folder, SNAP with its own, etc. I've got some ideas to ensure ease of use that we can discuss at the exec meeting :)

Nicole Sharette said

at 2:26 pm on Mar 15, 2010

SNAP has been submitted :). Good Luck Trainsong!

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